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Casio G-Shock RANGEMAN Carbon Fiber GW-9400BJ-1JF (JAPAN SET)

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MASTER OF G RANGEMAN This is a model equipped with a triple sensor of the G-SHOCK "Rangeman" series that supports men who face the harsh natural environment. Equipped with a triple sensor of altitude, direction, barometric pressure / temperature, and adopts a "button guard cylinder structure" that enables smooth and accurate operation by using a metal cylinder guard for the sensor button part that displays information. .. When you press the sensor button, it is equipped with a function that directly displays the sensor mode used immediately before and a three-stage notification sound, enabling sensuous operation. In addition, "carbon fiber insert band" and metal parts are used for buttons, side screws, and idle rings. Using the G-SHOCK brand color red as the accent color, we pursued durability and finished it with a powerful toughness design with an edge. It is a G-SHOCK "Rangeman" equipped with the functions necessary for activities in extreme environments.

•Shock Resist
•20 BAR waterproof
•Inorganic glass
•Carbon Kevlar inserts synthetic Band
•Shock Resist
•Atomic Multiband 6
•Digital compass
•Barometer (Measuring range : 260 to 1,100 hPa)
•Altimeter (Measuring range : -700 to 10,000 m)
•Thermometer (Measuring range : -10 to 60 °C)
•Stop watch (1/100 second measurement , 1000 hours meter , Split)
•Countdown timer
•5 multi-alarm (Snooze function)
•Hourly time signal
•Battery indicator
•Power saving function
•Fully auto-calendar
•12/24 Hour display switching
•Button Operation Tone on/off
•Approx 23 months Power Saving Mode
•World Time 48 cities
•Daylight Saving Time function
•Auto reception (Max 6 times/day)
•Tough Solar (Solar charge system)
•Size: 55.2 X 53.5 X 18.2 mm
•Weight: 93g

•1 x Watch
•1 x Warranty Card
•1 Manual
•Original packaging